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We are in love with advertising and web development and yes we are aware it sounds cliché. But imagine a group of people, all of them with significant experience in advertising and web. Now imagine these people slaving along for companies only orientated in profit. Well these people had to put an end to this by giving a start to Key Concept Solutions. That`s us – friends with a taste of good design and hunger for challenging projects.




So, how would you sell if people don’t know you? 



Why would they meet you, if you don’t look good? 



And how could they meet you, if they haven’t heard about you?  



Truth is, if you want them to hear about you, you must speak through the net. 

Everything you can imagine is real.

- Pablo Picasso


Take a look of what we have done and if you see something you like give us a call.

The team

The idea of retiring young gathered us, the challenging projects united us and today the friendship and trust inspired us to create a long lasting agency that can leave a legacy. Just fancy words at the moment but every day we chisel them a bit more in stone.

Momchil Petrov

Creative Director


Peter Peshev



Dimitar Georgiev

Art Director


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